Latest Online Marketing Trend

Each year there are great challenges for brands and marketers, so we must always be up to date with each forecast and trend that awaits us next year; However, to present these trends, we rely on statistics and studies carried out by brands, organizations, and companies. The video will increase its presence and importance The growth of the video has been amazing, more and more Internet users consume a large amount of audiovisual content online, increasing the presence of social networks focused on this type of format such as Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Online platforms

Where platforms like YouTube ranks first as the market leader in video and entertainment websites, leaving Netflix and Hulu providers behind. Online videos include a variety of styles and can be accessed through any device with an Internet connection. The weekly time spent by current users to watch video content on smartphones has grown steadily. According to We Are Social, smartphone users between 18 and 24 years of age are the people who consume more audiovisual content compared to the other age groups, with an average of 71 minutes per week. Conversely, smartphone users between 50 and 64 years of age only spent an average of 29 minutes per week.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the consumption of online videos increased by a factor of 10, between 2011 and 2016, increasing exponentially, I am sure that this new year will continue to increase its presence as a rocket. In addition, Internet video is overtaking cable television among teenagers and other young adults, so marketing companies for the younger generation should have a video marketing strategy in place to be successful. Native digital ads continue to survive and impact Pop-up windows have been a headache for users and in 2017 Google has been strict, affecting search engine positioning, but they are still present because they work better than traditional website advertising such as static banners.

New advertisement trend

However, 2018 will see another trend emerge: native ads. But not ads that are invasive, but ads that are intelligently embedded within the content and are more likely to be read, since their inclusion seems more natural to the reader. In addition, studies show that native advertising is especially effective in smart devices, which are increasingly replacing traditional portable computer stations. Although pop-ups still have a place, Custom content Content has always been the main energy to maintain constant interaction on the Internet and effective digital marketing, however increasingly the content is more prevalent and by 2018 it will have to be more personalized and useful to have an impact. But within the content is necessary to add calls to action, to be more effective and increase the conversion rate, success in digital marketing is to highlight and create content with a degree of professionalism and technical knowledge that can impress potential customers. Big Data to draw strategies and decision making Since the emergence of Big Data, this has played a key role in making decisions and knowing various combinations of data to present decisive information for the brand and more in the marketing department, in addition, Big Data leads to a more powerful analysis, helping marketers draw accurate strategies.

An example of this is when advertising on social networks, and thus segment the audience with more care, allowing them to spend less money on ads aimed at people who are not receptive; Advertisers can track conversion rates and other factors more accurately. The Big Data market is growing more and more, in the following image, we can see the Big Data market forecast, based on the income