My goal is to assist you in establishing, enhancing or improving your marketing and communications activities. I offer practical support and guidance both at a strategic and a tactical level.

You know your product and your market. I am knowledgeable about marketing and communications. Together we can tackle any of your marketing and communications challenges.

The following scenarios will give you an idea about the type of support I can give.

What your needs may be

What I can do

you are a business owner or an executive director and want to develop a marketing strategy that reinforces the company’s long-term strategy

I can provide the right business models, interprete the data, identify business opportunities, and craft a strategic marketing plan that is aligned with the company’s long-term strategy

you are a board member and your compay needs to go through a strategic planning process

I can facilitate your board meetings and assist your board and general management in the execution of a SWOT-analysis, interprete the outcome, and identify market opportunities

you are a marketing manager and want to know how your customers perceive your brand

I can investigate how your customers experience your brand, clarify how your company wants to be perceived, determine whether there is a gap in the brand perception, and make recommendations to strengthen the brand

you are an entrepreneur and want to start your own business

I can craft a strategic marketing plan that you can execute without my help

you are a marketing manager and you wonder if your promotional brochure is well-attuned to your customers

I can meticulously review your brochure content and design and make recommendations for improvement

you are a marketing lead and wrote a strategic marketing plan for the very first time

I can review and fine-tune your plan, make recommendations, and make a plan for implementation.

you are a communications director and you want to introduce an internal newsletter

I can identify all your internal target groups, determine the content, define the scope, and carry out the project

you are a marketing manager and feel overwhelmed by the daily activities

I can review the effectiveness of your marketing activities, make recommendations for improvement, and coach you on how to prioritize your marketing actions

you are a communications director and you want to develop a monthly magazine for your customers

I can define the plan behind the magazine and outline your choices in an “editorial blueprint”